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CooCo strives to be a leading high-tech enterprise in LED lighting industry. We pay close attention to the trend of lighting development, like global energy efficiency and green lighting, network and intelligence; we are focusing on offering LED linear lighting system for different application with different function.

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  • 60+

    The Whole Lighting Efficiency Reaches 160lm/w.
    Saves More Than 60% of Electricity Costs.

  • 50+

    Pre-wired 5/7 Cables Inside of Rail.
    A Cascading of Lights Can Over 50pcs.

  • 90+

    Modular Design.
    Saves Over 90% of Maintenance Costs.

  • 19-

    Unique Lens Optics Design.
    With High Transmittance, achieves UGR < 19.

  • 80+

    Unique Clix Structure Design.
    Easy to install, Saving over 80% of Installation Costs.

  • 100+

    Various Intelligent Dimming Solutions.
    Up Lighting enriches the ambience.

  • Hall 4.1, K20 @ light+building 2024

    It will be pleasure to meet you in light+building at Frankfurt during 3rd-8th of March. We are going to launch some excited products. Just click the button below to find some new things in virtual booth!

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