Review | CooCo Exhibition 2018 FrankFurt

2018 International Light& Building Fair FranFurt

2018 CooCo Worldwide Marketing Tour to Germany, The Largest Lighting Fair all over the world! For led linear lighting.


2018 Light + Building Frankfurt am Main was wrapped up at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Center. The achievements of the
2018 Light + Building have exceeded the expectations made by insiders, making it a leading trade fair worldwide.

CooCo exhibited with new C-Line G2 led linear Trunking System the UGR<19; Also the S-Line, Steel Material,
lower manufacture cost, can let more Supermarket install the Smart LED Linear Lighting, and Save more!  The design
creativity, appearance, performance and user experience of these products brought amazing feelings to all visitors.

CooCo will Never Stop, More outstanding LED Linear Lighting Designs will be presented to you.

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