NEW | CLINE G2, IP50, UGR19, 160lm.w

2019 Total New Design with Real UGR<19 LED Trunkin

After over one year developed, CooCo published new products of C-Line 2nd Generation (G2) Series,
G2 will launch a new era for the LED linear trunking lighting by the creative design of professional light distributions.


CooCo always focus all details of led linear trunking lighting, The product update details included:
1. The introduction of professional light distributions UGR<19 ( test report),
2. luminous efficiency over 170lm/w.
3. Update the Locker, can easily split the lighting and trunking, to make the end-user to install faster
and easy. the Most important will easy to change the driver or led light inside when having the after-sales
problem after 5 years.

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