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2019 Total New Design LED Trunking System Lighting

Total New Design LED Trunking System Lighting - D-Line & Oline
For the New design Dline and Oline trunking lighting, what is the big difference?  

Can you find out the big difference as the following picture show? 
Yea, the size and the structure, we update the structure and design it with hot size led linear lighting, 
integration design, More concise and decent for some high-end supermarket, office, education lighting projects. 


For the led linear lighting, Creative always through our design, we focus on to update all details, to let
end-user can easy to installation, Maintains and after-sales service, to make the lighting can be used high-efficiency,
Less Waste and Save More! 


In order to make the office lighting looks more brightness and comfortable, we also make our new generation trunking
system with up & down lighting, and up lights can be blue, warm white etc also can work with the smart dimming
system, like DALI dimming, wifi control etc. 


Multi-function also is the key features for the trunking system lighting, different function modules can help the project
to control the lighting system easy and convenient, for Dline and Oline, we created more and better modules to make installation faster and integrated. 


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